Does the travel ban make America great?



On Oct. 18, a travel ban arranged by President Donald Trump will be placed on the nations of Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Somalia and North Korea. Based on the country, the ban will restrict the countries immigrants and or nonimmigrants from entering the United States with exceptions to people with certain travel visas.

“Making America safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet,” President Donald Trump tweeted on Sept. 24, 2017.

President Trump claims he wants to make the ban to keep America safe. This is causing quite a commotion, with people labeling it a Muslim ban considering six out of the eight countries have a high population of Muslims.

“It wasn’t about keeping America safe, it was more about banning countries that Donald Trump doesn’t like,” said anonymous.

Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly claims it is not a travel ban but instead a travel pause. They want to pause the travel of these countries for 90 days to study “extreme vetting”. The reason they want to study extreme vetting is to restrict people who do not share “American values” from entering the country. Many people claim the ban is unconstitutional. In the first amendment it states that discrimination on the basis of religion is forbidden; in October the US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on the legality of the travel ban.

This is not the only commotion going on with President Donald Trump, there is also the Trump-Russia scandal going on. There is news that says Trump is guilty of being involved with the Russians hacking into the 2016 campaign to help him win; Trump claims he and his team did nothing wrong.

“I think it’s pretty obvious now that Russia was trying to influence the election and the security agencies have said as much,” said anonymous.

There has been no final say whether or not Trump is guilty but if he is, what is going to happen? What if they find evidence that proves they were successful in influencing the vote, what will that do to the election results?