Senioritis Through the Pandemic

In today’s day and age, graduation is something that high school students spend an immense amount of time and effort working toward. Senior year comes with a new wave of big decisions and pressure for most students on the brink of graduation. But is it worth all of the pressure and accolades?

Senior Katrina Hampton feels that senior year celebration is warranted and that everything in school so far has led up to graduation.

“I feel like I have been waiting for this for so long now that I just want to graduate,” Hampton said. “Looking up to my senior year as an underclassman, I was honestly most excited for graduation.”

According to Hampton, with everything that has happened in the past year in terms of COVID-19, this year has passed rather quickly..

“I feel like it definitely snuck up on us because we had our junior year cut in half, in fact I kind of still feel like I am a junior,” Hampton said. “I don’t think that this year is living up to my expectations because of the pandemic.”

Looking at senior year from another perspective, Senior Jacob Thompson thinks of it as just half of the race.

“We definitely put too much pressure on being a senior,” he said. “It feels like a race to the finish line but really it isn’t a finish line, it’s really only been half of the race. It’s kind of like we are racing but at the end of one race, there is just another race and at the end of that one there is another.”

According to Thompson, being a senior is overrated because not much has really changed. In his eyes, this is just a small stepping stone.

“Nothing much changes except for adding college scholarship applications onto your regular workload,” he said. “It is weird to me that we celebrate it so much because I’m not done with school, I am going to go do four more years.”

Both Hampton and Thompson agreed that the thing that they are missing most from this year is getting to see their teachers and friends every day.

“To be honest, I kind of just miss going to school in general and getting to see all of the teachers in person and seeing all of my friends,” said Hampton.