Cookies and Cram

On Tuesday, Jan. 20, the day before finals at Marshfield, Kevin Guthrie and his Pirate Pride team held an event called Cookies and Cram.
A play on the words cookies and cream, this event was created to help students get last minute help from teachers and other students before finals. Students were given cookies and juice purchased by the school.

The event lasted from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in order to give every student time to get help.

According to Principal Doug Holland, this event was a huge success.

“I was really surprised at what a great turnout,” Holland said. “We didn’t anticipate this big of a crowd. There was over 60 kids.”

Along with the 60 or more students that attended, at least one teacher from every subject attended to help those in need.

According to Holland, because of the success, they are going to try to do it again.

“I think we’re planning on doing it again in the spring before finals again, advertise it more and hopefully have an even bigger turn out,” Holland said.