Senior Stress

Stress is something every student comes to expect by senior year, but some are still shocked by the magnitude.

Austin Bender is a senior who has been on top of his work all year, and still finds time to stress about certain things.

“I think the only thing I wasn’t ready for was the senior portfolio. It’s not hard work but it is very time consuming and I think a lot of us seniors have plenty of other things that need that time,” Bender said.

None of the work seniors do is ultimately too hard, it’s just finding the time between school, sports, clubs and all the other homework that is piled on to them, that proves to be difficult.

Senior Justin McDonald got all of his portfolio done on time but not after buckling down at the end.

“I was worried about it and I had gotten all the little assignments you needed done, but I procrastinated on some of the bigger ones,” McDonald said.

McDonald, along with many others did not feel they needed to try as hard until they got to senior year when the work and stress of life after high school was finally creeping up on them.

“It feels like you really have to do good. This is the only year I’ve been really grinding and working hard,” McDonald said.

Along with the stress of school work and everything that entails, for some the most stressful part of high school isn’t even the work.

Senior Itzel Ramirez feels as though even though she was fully prepared for the workload, there’s still lots to worry about.

“I think the most stressful part is really the people. I hear a lot of stories about people who leave and go to college and their lives are so much easier because they don’t have that constant drama,” Ramirez said.

Some would consider senior year to be the most stressful year of their high school experience, but if they don’t procrastinate and work hard, senior year can fly by in the blink of an eye.