MHS Fall 2016 Choir Concert



The first choir concert with new director William Paget took place last Thursday, Oct. 25th.
According to Paget, the concert was a huge success.

“It went really spectacularly,” Paget said.

Senior Ali Randle is a member of the concert choir and has been singing since the fifth grade. According to Randle, Paget has brought a different feeling to choir.

“We seem more focused and on task,” Randle said. “Mr. Paget is always full of energy and is always pushing us to work, which is what we need.”

Paget feels he is creating many personal connections with his students. He believes the choirs have the potential to improve drastically.

“There’s no stopping here,” Paget said.

The women’s ensemble, also known as Bella Voce performed three songs. They performed “Jordan’s Angels,” “Shoshone Love Song,” and “Fire.”

“The women’s ensemble has amazing sound already,” Paget said.

The men’s ensemble, also known as the Marshfellows performed three songs. They performed “Jonah,” “Sherry,” and “With My Swag all on My Shoulder.”

“The men’s ensemble is just starting to really find themselves,” Paget said.

The concert choir performed three songs. They performed “Agnus Dei,” “Turtledove,” and “Nothin’ Gonna Stumble My Feet.”

“The concert choir is so driven this year and that’s where the difference is,” Paget said.