Season premiere of “The Walking Dead” did not disappoint

One fan’s tweet summed up my feelings exactly after watching the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” on Sunday night.
“It’s over? That was the shortest hour of my life.”

The season opener for AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” was intense. It was the best episode I’ve seen within the history of the series so far. The episode started with all of the main characters at a big facility called “Terminus.” I would like to share with you the best moments of the episode so DO NOT KEEP READING if you have yet to watch it and do not want it to be spoiled.

Number 5: To start the countdown off, we all know Carol showed her true colors in this episode, but my favorite moment from her is her fight with Mary, the girl that seemingly let Glenn and company into the big facility at the end of last season. After a power struggle between the two women trying to get their weapons from the ground, Carol is able to grab hers, shoot Mary in the leg, then open a door allowing zombies in to feast on the incapacitated woman.

Number 4: It was completely awesome when Tyreese body slammed the scumbag insinuated that he was going to kill Tyreese and the baby.

Number 3: Rick and Carl’s reunion with baby Judith was heartwarming because both of them thought the little girl was dead. The look on Rick’s face when he saw her was priceless (good acting on Andrew Lincoln’s part).

Number 2: Daryl and Carol’s reunion left me feeling they are a legitimate couple. Carol found his crossbow he had left at Terminus and returned it to a grateful Daryl and he finally showed he is a person too, as well as a zombie-slaying machine.

Number 1: A lot of moments deserve a place on this list, such as Eugene’s humor toward Sasha, and Rick taking down six people in five seconds, but my favorite part was the last 30 seconds of the show, when a particular man who helped Rick in season 1, Morgan, made a surprise appearance. He seemed to be tracking them down.

I hope you enjoyed the list and if you have not watched the episode, or the show yet, both are extremely good. Though the hour-long show goes way too quickly, the week that passes until the next Sunday episode feels like it drags on for eternity.