Deadpool: Dead Cool?



Deadpool was dead cool.
Last night, I went to the sneak preview of the highly anticipated Marvel film starring Ryan Reynolds.

Those I attended with said they thought everything good was going to be spoiled by the previews. After seeing the film, however, those ideas were clearly cast aside.

Within the first few minutes of the film, a brilliant mood is set. Viewers know exactly what sort of humor to expect throughout. The previews even gave that idea.

Moviegoers may think a superhero film being released on Valentine’s Day weekend does not make a whole lot of sense, but most would be surprised to hear that Deadpool is a love story. The main character, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) falls in love with a girl and plans on having a future with her. Instead of following through with that, however, he is diagnosed with terminal cancer and that is when he is offered an unconventional way of beating it.

Unlike what the previews may have one believe, the movie is not all blood, action and killing (though there are still plenty of those). It follows an actual plot that keeps viewers’ minds interested.

People must be aware that Deadpool is not the same as other traditional Marvel films which have come out over the last decade. Even the comics provide a much darker background for the character. Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, uses crude humor as part of his personality in the comics and does the same in the movie. It is rated “restricted” for a reason.

When the developers of the Deadpool movie first started talking, there were rumors of making the movie PG-13,  but those ideas were quickly squashed due to comic fans’ wanting justice brought to the character on the big screen.

The movie does not try to censor the use of cursing, fight scenes or sex scenes. However, they aren’t used cheaply. I am not a fan of unnecessary gore, but I felt like the film never took it too far. It kept in line with the story.

Overall, Deadpool was great. The producers followed what they could from all the comics that had been written, and tried to fit as much as they could into a two hour film. It is definitely worth the watch, but leave the kids at home.