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Enthusiastic about camping on wheels

Most outdoor enthusiasts know there are several different kinds of camping. Backpacking is a form of camping, where outdoor enthusiasts carry what they can in a pack, and rough it overnight. There’s glamping, which consists of posh outdoor sleeping, and there’s drive-up camping, which involves tents or RVs. But an ever-popular type of camping is car camping. It consists of going into the wilderness and spending the night there–instead of a tent or RV, car campers sleep in their car. Car campers get to have the regular camping experience with getting outdoors, enjoying campfires, and spending time with friends and family, all while staying in the car to feel safe and warm.

Ben Trosper, Senior at Marshfield High School has gone car camping a few times and it definitely was an experience for him. Trosper likes to go car camping at Bastendorff Beach. 

“They have free 24-hour parking there so it works out,” said Trosper. 

Some of his favorite aspects of car camping are the feeling of freedom and being able to enjoy time with his friends. Just like regular camping, there is gear and preparation required.

“Bring a self-defense weapon, blankets and of course food,” said Trosper. “You also want to make sure the doors and windows are locked.” 

For people who want to try car camping, Trosper wants beginners to know to bring enough blankets.

“Out by the beach at night, it can get quite cold,” he said. 

MHS graduate Jonathan Calvert enjoys spending time car camping, more specifically in the summer or late spring. He camps in either a Toyota Tacoma or a Chevy Tahoe. The roominess makes it easier to spread out.

”I like to go to Laverne Park or Powers,” said Calvert, who thinks car camping is different than tent camping and is something fun to do in his free time. 

“Especially if you don’t have anything else to do,” said Calvert.

Something that Calvert likes to do when he car camps is go stargazing, watch a movie on his phone, or go for a night walk. He has gone car camping about five times, so he knows what items are the most important to remember to bring,

“Make sure to bring lots of blankets, pillows, clothes, and depending on your type of car a portable charger,” said Calvert.

He has created some of his fondest memories while car camping with his friends, especially around Coos County with all the nature surrounding the area. It’s easy to find new places to explore and stay. One of Calvert’s favorite memories from car camping is when he was out deep in the woods with his friends and a bear walked up to his truck.

“One time, two summers ago, me and some of my closest friends drove deep into the country roads and found a really cool place,” said Calvert. “We were surrounded by nature and with absolutely no light pollution the stars were crazy. It also happened that there was a meteor shower that night and we watched it while listening to music.” 

For beginners, he recommends that at first people shouldn’t go too far away in case they get scared. He also emphasized again that people need to bring lots and lots of blankets. Temperatures drop at night, especially in the elevated areas. 

“In my opinion regular camping is more fun and different but car camping is nice to do every once in a while,” said Calvert. 

Tori Thorsgard, an MHS sophomore, said her favorite part of car camping is being able to go out into nature and clear her mind. The minimalistic feel of car camping helps her feel free, with no worries. Thorsgard has a list of things she would recommend to people wanting to start their car camping journey. 

“Definitely want to bring blankets, pillows, and hygiene products like your toothbrush,” she said. “You’re going to want to bring a backpack, as well, to put all your stuff in. You also want to bring some type of food–like canned food.”

Thorsgard has done a lot of car camping; she used to go about every other weekend. The vehicle she uses while car camping is an old five-seater. She would take the back seat, and her mom would take the front. While it sometimes can be uncomfortable, she thinks it’s more convenient to ditch the tent.

“A key memory I have from car camping is when me and my mom made a fire and we were roasting marshmallows and she bought those little packets of things that changed the fire color and I would dump a bunch in at a time,” Thorsgard said.

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