Stranger Things Season 2 Review



When people think of the phrase “Stranger Things”, they may think of  mythical creatures like dragons and demogorgons.  When I think of stranger things, I think of the Netflix original series: Stranger Things.

Before I go into any more detail, there are spoilers ahead.

With a really intense, jump-scare filled first season out the way, the second season may be everyone’s favorite so far. Junior Daisy Thompson has watched all of the show and says she prefers the new season over the first.

“I liked season two better, I feel like there was a little more action and it was kinda cool to see Will there. In the first one he wasn’t really there much.” Thompson said.

Between the first season and the second, I prefer the second one because it goes more into depth with the storyline, character development and little things from the first one are explained.

Junior Erika Dorantes says she has noticed how important it is that little hints are being dropped throughout the entire series..

“The littlest things matter in this storyline because if you miss something, you’re missing a lot,” Dorantes said.

I completely agree. There have been several times when something that happened in the first season was explained in season two and I cannot tell you how many times I have said ‘Oh, that makes sense’.

Season two is set a year after the first. There are new characters and new emotional trials that are part of growing up, as well as supernatural revelations. One of the aspects that the second season focuses on is relationships, new and old.

Joyce (Will and Jonathan’s mom)  is shown with a new boyfriend, Bob. He is earnest and tries to help in his own way, though his advice to Will about standing up to his fears brings terrible consequences. At first, I didn’t understand why he was apart of the series or who he was, but Thompson sums up how others might feel about Bob.

“He’s the kind of character that at first you’re like, ‘I don’t like him,’ then he kinda grows on you,” Thompson said. “And you’re like, ‘I don’t want him to go.’”

I liked Bob a lot and his unfortunate demise was fairly terrible, but I can relate to Eleven and her struggles with trying to seem ordinary, and Hawkins Police Chief Hopper has my utmost respect. According to Dorantes, Steve (the ex boyfriend of Nancy, Mike’s sister), is a pretty respectable guy.

“He realized that Nancy doesn’t like him any more,” Dorantes said. “He just accepted that. He was like a dad to the other kids and kept them protected and safe, even if he was kinda bad at it.”

She might be referring to when they clashed with the demodogs in the Upside Down, a terrifying reflection of the world beneath Hawkins lab.

Something I liked was how well the directors of the show stayed true to the 1980’s. Upright arcade games and household telephones were still connected to the main part by a curly cord on the bottom of the receiver, and PTSD was still being researched during this decade.

“I like the animations and the CGI, it looks so real,” Thompson said. “They did a good job with staying true to the time period.”

If I had to rate this show, I would definitely give it a perfect score. According to Dorantes, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

“I would rate it ten out of ten,” Dorantes said. “I really like Stranger Things.”