Boys and Girls Soccer

Undefeated as of December 9th, 2020, the Marshfield High School boys soccer team is on a tear and has not let up a single game so far.

Sophomore Ismael Rodriguez is enjoying the level MHS is playing at and is trying to stay positive with COVID-19 going on.

“Sports during COVID have been a little hard because of the amount of teams we play,” Rodriguez said. “We only play one team, but other than that it’s good.”

Marshfield is currently 4-0 against North Bend High School, on top of that they have to play every game with a mask on and obeying the rules of COVID-19.

“Before games we prepare like normal, small talk with our masks, nothing has really changed,” said Rodriguez. “We practice like normal but with our face masks.”

When the boys soccer team isn’t on the soccer field, you can find the MHS girls soccer team there. Senior Jordyn Eichelberger appreciates the team’s improvement compared to the past years.

“The girls are super hard working and athletic,” she said. “I am super happy with our team and I feel like they’re my second family.”

Both Marshfield teams compete against North Bend High School regularly and give it their best every time. The girls team also have to be cautious and wear masks when playing during the pandemic.

“We tied our first game against North Bend which was super exciting for us,” said Eichelberger. “We have to play with masks, coach records our temperatures and they ask us questions regarding sickness every day at practice.”

Both Marshfield teams are undergoing something they have never had before, in that fans are not allowed in the stadium to support them.

“We have been staying focused and determined as if we had a crowd and league title to win,” Eichelberger said.

Even in the circumstances were in Marshfield can still gain support from fans in other ways, watching outside of the stadium while respecting the social distancing rule, students checking up on one another and just staying positive through it all. Marshfield is making the most of the pandemic with sports and staying positive while playing through it.