Shop Class Creates Sculpture to Fill Center Circle

A welded sculpture created by the MHS manufacturing students was erected Tuesday afternoon in the circle in front of Pirate Hall. Eleven years ago, the class of 2002 planted a tree in that place, but it was soon cut down in an act of vandalism in 2011. The manufacturing class decided to fill that empty space.

Led by manufacturing teacher Tom Hull and volunteer James Caglay, the class decided to make a “Circle of Friends.” It is a structure consisting on eight figures holding hands ina circle. According to Caglay, it represents the friendships students have at Marshfield.

The students in the manufacturing class have been working on this since last year, and in the last three to four months, their work has led to the final product.

The students who took the time to make the structure also get to leave a piece of themselves with it.

“Everybody that worked on it is putting their name on it, or a symbol,” junior Derek Seevers said. “Something to represent them.”