How COVID-19 is Affecting Seniors

Graduation gowns and tassels in place, 2020 Marshfield High School graduates loaded into their cars with family and friends to drive to a stage and pick up their diploma. The only people there to cheer them on was their family. There was no traditional tossing of caps in the air.

This year promises much the same. With COVID-19 cases still on the rise in Coos County, it is looking likely that graduation will not be the large event that it once was. Along with the many changes this year, high school seniors find themselves in the middle of a year with very few rewards.

“It has been rough,” said MHS senior Logan Sayler. “This year has definitely been one to remember.”

Like all of MHS students, Sayler is attending school online through comprehensive distance learning, or CDL. He is not able to congregate with the friends he has had for years, or celebrate their last year together as usual.

Instead of meetings in the historic auditorium to review graduation requirements, seniors are receiving planning emails so they can order gowns, class t-shirts and other graduation paraphernalia.

As graduation day approaches, seniors are wondering what to expect for their milestone day, but through it all, many seniors are still excited to start a new chapter.

“Not being able to do all the senior traditions has been hard,” said MHS senior Jessica Berger. “I’m sure many other seniors feel the same way, but we’re pushing through that all and we look forward to all of things to come in the future.”