Teams struggle to find balance in schedules



The girls varsity basketball team’s schedule is packed full of games with the team playing a total of 24 games, not including playoffs. Time between games for the girls is very limited.
Although basketball players are busy with their schedules, the swim team has very few meets, with only eight overall this season. On average, they have a week to prepare for their next competition.

According to sophomore Jesse Stringer, a week or two weeks between meets is beneficial for the team and gives them more time to practice.

“I wouldn’t mind more meets. That’d be cool,” Stringer said. “I think the season is good where it is.”

Junior Khalani Hoyer, a member of the varsity basketball team, said there has not been a lot of time between games.

“Some of the scheduling was close for how much time we had in between some of the games, but as the regular season starts it’ll get better and it’ll start to spread out more,” Hoyer said.

According to Hoyer, although so many games all at once may be stressful, it gives the team experience and shows them what to expect for future games.

“For the amount that we’re doing right now it’s good, and the teams we’re playing are tougher teams so that way it gives us a better boost into our season for the rankings and where we stand,” Hoyer said.

At the beginning of their pre-season, the team had six games over the course of eight days. Hoyer said the six games in eight days was stressful, but it may have helped them for their future games.

“It was a good test for our team to see how mentally strong we could be going into all those games,” Hoyer said. “Our bodies were tired and worn down from playing those games consecutively and it was hard for us to perform in it, but it showed us we could do it.”

Senior Katelyn Rossback, captain of the girls varsity team, said having six games in eight days was difficult.

“It was stressful because it’s early in the season.  We haven’t had many practices, and we’re still getting used to playing with each other,” Rossback said. “It’s good to have experience before league; pre-season really helps us see where we’re at and how we’re going to do going into league.”

According to Kevin Guthrie, head coach of the girls JV basketball team, said having so many games in a short period of time was difficult for him as well.

“It was stressful as a coach because it’s hard to fix things, as things go wrong you would like to have some practice time to work on it,” Guthrie said. “Different teams play different styles, so sometimes you have to adjust what you do based on the other team and there’s no time to make those adjustments and most of them were away games.”