Marshfield ASB “highlights the night”


By Audrey Webster | Reporter

Like florescent fireflies, MHS attendees of the Highlight the Night dance last Saturday arrived with clothes aglow. Students were encouraged to wear white attire to add the theme of the night.

“It was cool how everything was neon so we glowed,” freshman Desiree Guirado said.

One of the ways the DJs kept the moment of the night rolling, along with the glow-in-the dark attractions and the occasional spray of bubbles from their station, was showering students with highlighter-infused water, and bestowing on them neon tattoos to be admired and laughed at under the revealing purple hue of the black lights. Dancers were also able to decorate their clothing at highlighter stations, dyeing their snowy garments with phosphorescent designs.

Chad Dowling, Inc. provided the DJ services and had its own unique ways to keep the party rolling and the jams pumping. Often the DJs could be seen dancing behind their stand having just as much fun as the students.

“The dance was really fun,” Guirado said. “I can’t wait till next year.”