Dancers remain upbeat through trials



Sophomore Jessica Kohl, seniors Ashley Barian and Brianna Patnode and Junior Katherine Alcober lifted sophomore Kaylee Krajcir in the  midst of state routine. Photo by Brittany Cook.
Going into the state competition ranked third, the MHS Upbeats bring home a fourth place trophy.

According to senior captain Katie Guetterman, this year’s team has a great bond, and always watches over each other.

“This has probably been one of the best years,” Guetterman said. “When someone messes up instead of putting them down, the whole team picks them up and tries to help them.”

Junior Ashley Peters said the team put its best routine at the state competition.

“We have confidence that we left our best routine on the floor, and we were all proud of ourselves,” Peters said.

While some girls started dancing their freshman year, others have participated in dance classes when they were younger.

“I had classical training at Pacific Ballet for about nine years,” Peters said. “The whole reason why I started dancing was because I wanted to be a part of the Upbeats.”

According to head coach Debbie Brown, the current team has been one of the strongest teams in MHS history, but said 4A is a difficult classification.

“We have had one of the best scores a MHS dance team has ever seen, and we are still going into state ranked third,” Brown said. “That kind of shows how hard this league really is.”

According to Guetterman, the teams at the competition did really well and they are happy with the results of the competition. They received fourth place in the 4A division.

“The teams we went up against are all really strong teams and we were happy with how we placed against them,” Guetterman said.