State Tournament Preview



For the first time since 1981 the men’s varsity basketball team has advanced to the state tournament. The three point line did not even exist at the time.
The pirates had a tough matchup to get into the tournament. They played the defending 3a champion Valley Catholic. The pirates met the Valiants earlier this season, and beating them 46-39.

The Pirates had a slow start to the game with an 18-all at the half. They came out blazing to start the second half and won the game 48-37.

The team goes into the tournament ranked 4th in state. They will have a familiar matchup in the first round playing Scappose whom they beat 53-47 at Scappose. If the pirates beat the Indians in the first round they will advance to the semi-finals playing the winner of the North Bend Cascade game. The pirates are the only team to have beaten the top seeded bulldogs.

The number two and three seed on the other side of the bracket have also previously played the pirates this season one of which being defending state champion Philomath who beat Marshfield by 6 in the second game of the season. The other familiar team North Valley is ranked 3rd and stopped the pirates from making the state tournament last year. The knights beat the pirates by ten points on jan.9th.

The tournament will be held at Liberty and Century high schools from March 12-14. No matter the outcome of the state tournament the team has made it farther then they have in the last 34 years.