Gloria Spillman, Ultimate Pirate Fan, Retires



Her purple hair, singing in the halls and love for her pirates will be missed.
Recently retiring after 22 years of being a secretary at MHS, Gloria Spillman said it is the interaction with students she will miss the most.

“I’m going to miss being with the kids,” Spillman said. “The little things are going to be what I remember best.”

Athletic Director Greg Mulkey said it is Spillman’s gung-ho disposition and involvement in school activities that endeared her to him.

“It is very important for kids to have someone that they see at school and also at after school events,” Mulkey said. “Gloria was very involved; she is that person.”

According Mulkey, it is Spillman’s love and compassion that will never be matched.

“Gloria is one of a kind. She truly is a great person,” Mulkey said. “There will never be another Gloria Spillman.”

Mulkey said she brought the school a joyful spirit and attitude. This was displayed through a tune students know as “The Friday Song.” According to Spillman, former Vice Principal Roger Trail taught it to her.

“Every Friday morning he [Trail] would sing and play on his piano,” Spillman said. “I was always one of the staff members to come and sing along.”

“The Friday Song” grew in popularity when Spillman started performing it at Friday pep assemblies. Junior Isaac Smith said it brought the school closer and gave students a sense of unity.

“The Friday Song’ is awesome,” Smith said. “I really enjoy singing it at assemblies and hope the tradition continues.”

Jennifer Bunnell, Marshfield’s ASB advisor, said Spillman always wanted to help and be involved.

“Everything we did, Gloria would volunteer to help,” Bunnell said. “That is what I will miss the most, just how involved she was.”

According to Spillman, the transition away from Marshfield and into retirement will not be easy; however, she plans on staying very involved as she has her entire career.

“I’m excited for something different,” Spillman said. “I plan on being around the school as much as I can. My love for the Pirates will never go away.”