Pro: Occupy Wall Street

By Brady Davidson | Business Manager
$11 trillion. That is how much the U.S. government has spent on corporate bailouts since 2008. As Americans march on Wall Street, the very ideology of our current economic system is being criticized.  Occupy Wall Street is a valiant attempt to strike against these injustices. These protests around the nation need to continue in order to invoke the change our nation needs.

Many protesters march for a better banking system. Some march for public injustices. But one thing they all want is change from the current acrimonious economic and political system.  As the gap between the rich and the poor increases, the middle class is growing smaller and smaller.

Every citizen is affected by this whether it is from the corporate greed shown on Wall Street or the high prices that have stricken the recent markets.

The ones to blame are the greedy corporate banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Many of these large companies are so active in our political system that the people have lost their voice. It is no longer so much the people’s choice what political actions are made, but whoever has the most influence, and to this day it is the rich.

Why was it that these corporations, who were operating unethically by trading toxic shares, were instantly bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars when they went crying to the government? Why is it that if a person or small business owner asks for help, none is given? It is because of the influence these greedy companies have over our nation’s law makers.

This corporate greed is fueled by the idea of what our economy really is. However, these banks and insurance companies who consist of almost 60 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product are hypocrites. They thrive off of the ideology of capitalism and monopolies, but when they are at risk of failing, they run to the government, hoping for a socialist solution in the large sum of billions of dollars.

As citizens, we cannot just sit back and watch. These companies have observed us do that, and that is why they continue to operate unethically. It defiles what our nation stands for: democracy and equality. Jobs are scarce, and the means of attaining a better qualification have been so inflated that by the time one is out of college, they are swimming in debt with no jobs in sight. As prices rise and more and more people run into debt, our only way to speak out is to show support for the protests around the nation.