Mr. MHS Volleyball Game



The final fundraiser for Mr. MHS took place Wednesday night. It consisted of a five-round volleyball game between Mr. MHS and Mr. Bulldog contestants in which there were three rounds of traditional game playing and two “money” rounds.
The first round started off strong for the Pirates as they pulled ahead of the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs seemed to have a hard time getting the ball over the net and to the Pirate players, each time overshooting it past their opponents’ heads. It looked like the Bulldogs preferred to aggressively overthrow the ball each time.

“We did great especially since we only practice a few times because some of us had basketball practice.” Mr. MHS contestant Jacob Dub said.

 As the first round finished with Marshfield leading with a score of 25-18, the first of two money rounds began. While the boys played on the court, each side had seven minutes for their senior girls to go around and collect money from the spectators. Once the money round finished, the amounts were tallied up and the Bulldogs’ totaled over $800 while Pirates received just over $600.

“I was very happy with how supportive the MHS parents were with their donations,” Dub said.  

Beginning the third round of the night, the Bulldogs and Pirate where neck and neck in the beginning, but the Pirates began to pull ahead with the help of Corey Shaffer’s setting skills helping keep the ball over the net, as well as the dynamic tag team between Justin Cooper, DJ Herrington and Kyle Tardie at the front of the net to keep the ball going. The Bulldogs began to catch up and the Pirates seemed to lose their focus, resulting in a close win by the Bulldogs at 25-23. The final money round resulted in a win for North Bend with $1,881 and Marshfield with $1,009.

“We raised money for the Share Bear snack program and North Bend raised money for Children’s Miracle Network,” said Senior girl Taylor McKee.

 In the final round the Mr. MHS contestants came out strong and stayed that way for the whole game with the help of Shaffer’s serves and Hunter Drops and Cooper giving the team a leg-up with their setting. The game ended with a solid 25-15 win with Justin Cooper hitting the ball over the and straight down onto the court.

“Although Marshfield won two out of the three games, North Bend won overall with the highest amounts of money as well as winning one of the regular games,” Mr. MHS coordinator Cheyenne McNeely said.