“Music Shaming” criticizes people’s taste



Music shaming is growing in popularity among the ranks of high school students.
There are various music genres, and music shaming has become a popular way to disrespect people’s taste in music.

According to senior Shasta Banks, country music seems to be the genre people dislike the most.

“I think country music is not good music, and I know several people that agree,” Banks said.

Senior Alysen Barker said alternative music and classic rock are coming back in style.

“I listen to oldies music and classic rock, and that is generally something most high school students don’t listen to,” Barker said. “But it’s making a comeback here in 2015.”

The mainstream radio music that plays is often also what people dislike, according to Barker.

“The music on the radio is played too often, and it becomes old fast,” Barker said.

Everybody has a different taste in music and likes different things, but according to Banks, that is no reason to be cruel to people.

“I really don’t like country music, but I don’t go around making fun of people for listening to it because we all have different taste,” Banks said.

Junior CeAndra Nelson said she absolutely does not like pop music.

“The lyrical content of pop music is garbage. The instrumental part of the songs aren’t even real instruments,” Nelson said.

Junior Jensen Chase said he enjoys pop music even if it is not very philosophical.

“I really like Nicki Minaj and my friends sometimes make fun of me for it, but that’s okay because her music is good,” Chase said.

According to Nelson, music is an outlet people use to relieve stress and other emotions bottled up, and when people are judged based on their taste in music, it creates insecurities that can lead to much more.

“Listening to music helps me through things and although I don’t get offended when people judge my music, I know people that do,” Nelson said.

Choir director Allison Bassett decides the music performed in all choir classes and she said she chooses music based on style and tone.

“I’m the only one who chooses the music, and I pick it based on the style of it,” Bassett said. “I try to have variety with different languages.”

Nelson said she listens to music because it helps her concentrate and makes her happy.

“I’m in Concert Choir and New Horizons, and participating in both makes me extremely happy because I’ve learned many different music genres. I appreciate different music now than ever before,” Nelson said. “Music also helps get me through difficult things because for every emotion I feel there’s a song for it.”