Mr.MHS 2015 is Revealed



For over a decade Marshfield has held an annual competition that bring thousands of dollars to the children in the community through the Share Bear Snack Program.
Mr. MHS is a student led activity running from September to April, ending with a pageant where the students involved get one last opportunity to shine before they are acknowledged for their accomplishments.

The head coordinators this year were seniors Alysen Barker and Cora Messerle, with help from junior coordinators Khalani Hoyer and Cheyenne McNeely.

Barker said she enjoys this program and even though this was her third and last year she would do it again if she could.

“It’s so nice to see the group come together during the week of the pageant and see how supportive everyone is of each other,” Barker said.

The boys compete in several different categories including child escort, talents and question segments and earn points for each segment along with other categories, such as congeniality and participation, all adding up to their final scores.

In these categories, winners included Derek Payne as Mr. Congeniality, Ashley Peters as Best Senior Girl and Tyler Yeager as Most Money Raised, Most Talented and the 2015 Mr. MHS.

Yeager raised over $4,835 on his own, and as a group, the senior boys, assisted by their senior girls, raised over $17,000 to give to the Share Bear Snack Program.