Winter Sports Has Started

As the leaves fall off the trees, the winter season emerges along with the many sports that accompany it. Nov. 17 was the first day for basketball, swimming and wrestling students to start their sports officially.
According to senior Spencer Fromm, he is very excited for the season and to work with the new recruits. Fromm has swam all four years of his high school career and is a captain along with senior Alyssa Hedgpeth.

“I expect this to be a progressive season where we will improve and grow as a team and as individuals,” Fromm said.

The athletes practice during offseason to maintain fitness. S Izaak Grubbs wrestles offseason with the Team Bucs. He said he is determined to do well and work harder in his last year of high school wrestling.

“I think we will dominate this year,” Grubbs said.

For each one of these sports there are high expectations to uphold. According to senior Savanah Thurman, the seniors this year want to do their best.

For the winter sports, athletes practice every school day for a few hours after school. These students juggle their academics and sports with their schedules.

“I love basketball, and I never want my season to end,” Thurman said.