The Civil War Ends in Nailbiter



On Friday, Oct. 23 arch rivals Marshfield and North Bend High School went head to head to compete for the OSAA Far West League Champion title at the annual civil war football game.
The game kicked off at 7 p.m. and the first points were scored by North Bend when they kicked a field goal with 4:21 remaining in the second quarter. The score board remained at 3-0, with the Bulldogs up, until North Bend scored a touchdown at the end of the third quarter, leaving the score at 10-0.

Things finally started to look up for the Pirates when senior Matt McAllister scored a touchdown with 9:15 remaining in the fourth, giving Marshfield seven points. Marshfield continued to advance down the field throughout the rest of the fourth quarter and ended up first and goal with a first down after quarterback DJ Herrington made a complete pass to number 80, senior Vincent Tine with 1:44 in the game, putting North Bend fans at the edges of their seats.

During the play, a pass interference was called against North Bend. However, the penalty was lifted, giving North Bend the ball. The score remained at 10-7 through the rest of the game, giving victory to the Bulldogs.

Senior Jesse Golder said he was not satisfied with the outcome of the game. “ It’s frustrating, I think the game could have had a different outcome if there was different referees” Golder said.