Ohio State Defats Oregon In The First CFB Playoff Championship

In the first college playoff championship ever the Oregon Ducks faced off against the Ohio state Buckeyes. Oregon being the higher seed was technically the home team although 70% of attendees were Ohio state fans. Oregon was favored by 6 points going into the game according to Las Vegas.

After winning the coin toss the Ducks elected to receive the ball in the first half. Oregon took an early lead with a touchdown by Keanon Lowe on their first drive. On Ohio State’s first drive Oregon forced Ohio State to punt giving them the ball right back. After converting on a 4th down Ohio State was able to score later on that drive to tie up the game at 7 all.

After a dropped pass on third down, Oregon was forced to punt. Ohio State took advantage of this to give themselves a 14-7 lead.

After recovering a fumble, Oregon fell short by inches after going for it on the fourth down. Not long after the Ducks recovered another Ohio state fumble. The Ducks once again were stopped and forced to punt.

Ohio State then stomped its way down the field to take a 21-7 lead on Oregon. On Oregon’s next drive they were not able to get a touchdown, but did get a field goal to make it a 21-10 Ohio state lead.

Ohio State got the ball to start the second half. Oregon then recovered a fumble and on their first play after the fumble recovery scored a 70 yard touchdown by Byron Marshall making the score 17-21.

Oregon scored a field goal after recovering a fourth fumble making it a one point game. Ohio State then answered back with a touchdown making it a 28-20 Ohio State lead. Oregon was then forced to punt, putting them into a difficult situation.

After the punt Ohio State scored once again making it a 35-20 game. After many penalties and a potential fake punt spotted by Urban Meyer the Ducks were forced to punt. Oregon then stopped Ohio State with right around 5 minutes left and down 15 points.

In a last ditch effort Oregon went for it on a fourth and long and was not able to convert. Ohio State regained possession in their own territory with 2:45 left on the clock. Ohio State then scored again making it a 42-20 game.

When Oregon got the ball back they were pushed farther and farther back by penalties. In an attempt to play until the final whistle Mariota heaved a pass downfield but it was intercepted. Then Ohio State ran the clock out and claimed the national championship trophy.

Although Oregon came to the sad truth that they are only the second best team in the nation, they had a very successful season acquiring a Heisman trophy and being the only team to beat Florida State in the last 30 games when winning the Rose Bowl. With some very strong players looking to redeem themselves, you can expect to see a good Oregon team next year.