Varsity Football: Pirates vs. Lancers

Same Pirate intensity with a different starting quarterback. At the Oct. 16 game, with usual starting senior quarterback Gary Jantzer having injured his dominate hand, the Pirates brought senior quarterback DJ Herrington to face the Lancers.
Sophomore Tyler Post, starting guard and defensive tackle, said Herrington performed for the Pirates.

“It’s always nice knowing that we have great depth at all our positions. Dj stepped up when we needed him,” Post said.

In the first quarter Herrington handed the ball off to senior Matt McAllister, who ran in to score the first touchdown that night. The touchdown was followed by an extra-point kick made by junior Ian Emlet. Senior Ben Martin intercepted the ball to run an 82-yard touchdown. Emlet went for the field goal, making that two out of two successful attempts. Emlet then kicked the ball which the Lancers returned for a touchdown. When the Lancers went for an extra point kick, it was blocked by McAllister.

During the second quarter with the score being 14-6, the Pirates made their way down the field. McAllister finished off the series by scoring a touchdown. The Pirates decided to go for a two-point conversion. Herrington threw the ball to senior Isaac Smith with 2:23 on the clock to secure two points. Senior Justin Cooper made a catch which brought the Pirates closer to the endzone. With Smith’s catch at the 1-yard line and Jantzer’s touchdown with 1:03 on the clock, the Pirates went for the two-point conversion. Later, the Lancers tried to run a double play, but the second pass was broken up by junior Cesar Castro.

“Our defense stepped up. We didn’t allow their offense to score,” Post said.

Halftime entertainment began with a performance by the cheer team and the cheer clinic participants. They performed two cheers and danced to the song Cheerleader by OMI. According to third grader Bailey Line, it was really fun.

“It was exciting, but also I was nervous,” said Line.

According to Line, her favorite cheer was “Purple and Gold.”

This performance was followed by the Upbeats in their new bright sparkle uniforms. The Upbeats performed a new routine. Afterwards, the youth football teams ran some plays for the audience.

The second half, began with the Pirates leading the Lancers 30-6. McAllister scored in the third quarter. During the fourth quarter, with 2:59 on the clock, junior Chance Jacobs ran the ball in. Emlet kicked for the extra point and made it. With 1:59 on the clock, junior Jadin Espy ran the ball in for a touchdown.

With a final score of 50-6, the Pirates secured their sixth win. This guaranteed them a home playoff game.

The Pirates face the Bulldogs for their last league game. With both teams being   4-0 in Far West League, it will be a fight for the district Title.