Cleveland Indians change mascot

The Cleveland Indians are finally parting ways with their controversial Indian logo.

Currently the logo is a cartoon drawing of a Native American, Chief Wahoo, and has been around since 1948. Although the logo is in no way attempting to dishonor or insult Native American cultures, the logo can definitely be seen as offensive and racist.

Phillip Yenyo, the executive director of the American Indian Movement of Ohio wants the team name to go as well.

“The name has to go, too. The nickname absolutely has to go. It’s not just the logo,” Yenyo said.

Yenyo has also called out the Atlanta Braves to change their name for their controversial nickname.                             

The logo has been a source of frustration and anguish for those who consider it racist or outdated, but for many of the loyal fans it’s a cherished insignia. Most teams featuring such logos or nicknames have stopped using Native American nicknames or logos, while other teams like the Washington Redskins in the NFL have resisted the pressure to change their name and logo.  

Junior Jorney Baldwin is an avid fan of the Cleveland Indians who does not agree with the change.

“Considering the name is still the Cleveland Indians I don’t see how changing just the logo would be of any difference,” Baldwin said.

This decision comes after many years of home opener protests outside of progressive fields in downtown Cleveland by Native Americans and their supporters. These protests were often ridiculed from those Indian fans that cherished the Chief Wahoo logo.

The Indians logo won’t officially change until 2019 so until then, Chief Wahoo will remain.