Star Wars Movies Popular at Marshfield

Since the reboot of Star Wars from Disney, they have released three movies and plan to release at least three more movies from the original storyline. Movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story a prequel story to Han Solo.

Disney bought Star Wars from Lucasfilm for 4 billion dollars and have already made about 7 billion from the  movies and merchandise sold. The series is still making money, but what are fans thinking about the series after Disney bought it?

According to senior Hannah Beaulieu, Disney’s Star Wars movies are a good and bad thing, depending on who is being talked to.

“I think that they’re just trying to make money off of it,” Beaulieu said. “I don’t think it’s bad I mean if you love Star Wars then it’s still good, but they’re making it to make money and you can see that pretty obviously.”

Compared to Lucasfilms, Disney is progressing with Star Wars adequately. The reviews from the critics are the same as the original Star Wars films which were the fan favorites.

Teacher Stephanie Howe likes the new movies, but she thinks the Jedis are not like they use to be.

“After Disney got it, the ones with the Jedis get kinda cheesy sometimes; I really like Rogue One and there weren’t any Jedis in it,” Howe said.

According to some fans, Disney is adding unnecessary extras such as a love

story between Finn and Rye. During the original series, there was a love triangle going on between Han, Leia and Luke before Luke and Leia found out they were related and there was also the love story of Anakin and Padme. Star Wars has had a love story going on the whole time, but it is not necessary to throw one in for no reason.

“The story between the girl and Finn just seems extraviarse[lost],” Howe said.

From what we know in The Last Jedi, Rey’s parents are nobodies, which is a switch from the previous movies being about the Skywalker family. This may be disappointing to some of the fans with theories about her being the lost daughter of Luke Skywalker or even of the Kenobi family, although there is no absolute statement saying she is not, only her telling Kylo that she feels like they were not important.

Senior Justin Banks likes what Disney is doing, but it is not the same as the original films.

“I think it’s nice that they’re continuing the stories, but I think that they’re missing something that the originals had,” Banks said.