Spotify vs Apple Music vs Pandora: Which One?



Do you have a hard time choosing between which app to use to listen to music? The choice is between Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music. Lets see what the students had to say.

According to a survey done with the students here at Marshfield high school, most students prefered spotify, it was their the app of choice for music. With its custom playlists, organized layout, and large variety of music, it skyrocketed in the survey.

Senior Ann Knapp, said she liked spotify “because it is easy, unlimited, and has ‘mood’ playlists.”

Along with the benefits, it does have some disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that there is only 30 minutes of ad free music before another ad comes on. Spotify does give the option to pay for the premium which lets you listen to music without any ads. However, many people are unable to, or just don’t wish to.

The next highest used is Pandora because it doesn’t cost anything, it has more stations, and you are able to listen to suggested music that a person hasn’t heard before.

“You can skip more songs and it doesn’t just play the same music, it gives you similar music,” Sophomore Julianna Koster said.

Pandora does have some cons as well, for instance, you get more ads and you can only get a certain amount of skips per day. There is also no option to choose specific songs.

The last app is Apple Music, which came in third place. With this app, it was harder to get as many votes because it requires a person to have an IPhone or some sort of Apple device. One of the pros is that, since it is an application that needs to be paid for, a person is able to listen to any song or artist.

“It links to the icloud music, allowing me to download my music, even the music downloaded elsewhere, on to my other devices and play it offline,”  Ninth grader Rowan Mukaida said.

Although everyone has their own preferences for what app they listen to their music, it’s very hard to say that any app is better than another.