Speech and Debate National Qualifiers

Speech and Debate team members junior Shawn Zouzel and senior Jorda Harlow qualified for nationals.

Zouzel is a third year member of the Speech and Debate team. He qualified for Nationals with his Oral Interpretation piece called “The Fragility of Life”.

Zouzel said that he was very glad that his teammates were their supporting him throughout his rounds.

“In my final round, I had two of the members on our team watching me,” Zousel said. “It was really nice be able to look back and see them smiling while I was performing. It kind of helped me relax and feel peace throughout the round and not be worried about it.”

According to Zouzel, he will start to work on his piece and will make some major improvements before the tournament.

Jorda Harlow is a Senior Captain on the Speech and Debate team and qualified for Nationals with her DI “The Sun is Also a Star” and in her duo “Good Kids”.

Harlow thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and the environment that it created.

“My experience was good of course. I was surrounded by my best friends which is my team and I am just surrounded by a lot of people who know what they believe in and are able to vocalize that in a way that you don’t get in a regular high school atmosphere,” Harlow said.  

Harlow feels very blessed to have had the opportunity to be able to grow as a student and as person through being involved in Speech and Debate.

“Speech and Debate changes students lives in ways that it helps them create a voice for themselves, to impact not only people around them but the entire world,” Harlow said.