Mrs. McHaney on the Wheel of Fortune



Marshfield Library Assistant, Anita McHaney, was featured on an episode of Wheel of Fortune. The episode aired on Jan 30, 2018, featuring McHaney and two other contestants.

According to McHaney, this has been a goal on her bucket list for years.  

“I have known for over twenty years that I wanted to be on the show,” McHaney said.

According to McHaney, she has been following the Wheel Mobile for years, waiting for her shot on the show.

“I thought it was kind of a chance to do something different,” McHaney said.

McHaney stated that she has never known a contestant on the show personally, but still wanted to try it herself.

“I was so nervous,” Mchaney said. “I was literally shaking as soon as the music came on.”

Though she was nervous, once McHaney focused on solving the puzzles, her nerves went away.

Layne Phillips, a sixth grade teacher at Millicoma, had the opportunity to go with McHaney to the set. Phillips said that she felt honored being there as a guest.

“Even though she was crazy nervous, I don’t think you could tell from watching the show,” Phillips said.

According to McHaney, there were a few things that surprised her about the experience. One of them being the amount of camera equipment needed for the show.

“There were a lot of cameras,” McHaney said. “They get you from all different angles, they get the studio from all different angles. There were probably at least four or five.”

Another thing that shocked McHaney was how quickly the show was over.

“It went so fast,” McHaney said. “If I could do it over again, I would try to just live in the moment, and be there.”

According to McHaney, she wanted to do the best she could. McHaney said that she was not on the show to gamble or win big money.

“I told myself, as soon as I knew the puzzle I was going to solve it. I wasn’t going to get greedy and keep spinning,” McHaney said.

Overall, McHaney said she is grateful for the opportunity that she had to be a part of an episode of Wheel of Fortune.

According to Phillips, she is proud of McHaney and how she performed on the show.

“It was really exciting to see her solve the puzzles really quickly and just to see her up there getting to do the one thing she’s wanted to do for so long,” Phillips said.