New Marshfield Art Teacher



After the retirement of long time art teacher, Jeff Jacobson, the Marshfield Art Program is now being taught by a new artist who plans on taking a new approach to the curriculum.

This new teacher is Heidi Ositis. Ositis grew up in the Salem area. There, she lived a positive childhood alongside her two siblings. With one of her brothers being older and one younger, she was the middle child in her family.

She attended South Salem High School. While she was there she took multiple art classes.

“My experience during high school was definitely colorful, “ Ositis said.

However, life was not always simple for Ositis. She had some issues going on within her family which affected her performance in academics. Later in Ositis’ high school career, her path toward the future was corrected.“During my junior year I was lucky enough to have come across this new art teacher that had come out of nowhere. My teacher had helped me get back on track and eventually help me graduate,” Ositis said.

After high school she studied at multiple colleges, but she finally ended up graduating from Western Oregon University with her Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

Ositis had started to create art at a very early age. The type of art that she enjoys doing the most and loves is mixed media.

“I like working with different mediums together,” Ositis said. “I like to kinda throw the whole kitchen sink at things sometimes.”

Her experiences doing voluntary work originally inspired her to start teaching. At first she was working with incarcerated youth. Later she decided it was not her thing and instead started to do volunteer work. Once a week Ositis would teach at an art clinic. This is what sparked her interest in teaching.

After getting her teaching degree, Ositis began her debut as a teacher starting just this year. Ositis’ favorite thing about teaching is being around her students everyday.

According to freshman and painting student, Analyse Maggard, she is currently enjoying the presence of the new art teacher for multiple reasons.

“I really like Ms. Ositis,” Maggard said. “I like that she is very outgoing and enthusiastic about the work.”

Ositis has many tasks and goals that she wishes to accomplish by the end of the school year. Her goals are to get the classroom more organized, make the curriculum more solid and try a bunch of new art projects.

“This is my beginning year. I get to experiment with different projects and see what works and what doesn’t work,” Ositis said.