Mr. Hill

Most teachers at Marshfield High School take on more responsibilities than those in the everyday classroom. There are quite a few who take on and run the clubs that are offered at the school, are involved in sports, or help with the constant flux of fundraisers.  Among these teachers, those that take on extra duties and spend their valuable time investing in Marshfield extracurricular activities, are a few who go above and beyond what is expected.

Science teacher Jonathan Hill is one of these teachers. Hill serves as either advisor or co-advisor for four clubs within the school and actively engages in the schools emergency committee.

“I am a co-advisor for the Science National Honor Society,” Hill said. “I am the advisor for Knowledge Bowl. I am a co-advisor for CERT, which is the Community Emergency Response Team. I am one of the group of three that make up the emergency safety committee here at Marshfield, and I have assumed responsibility over Science Bowl.”  

When asked how he became involved in these activities, Hill responded by saying that he was pulled into them.

“I was roped into the Knowledge Bowl team,” Hill said. “My second year here, at that time, the current knowledge bowl coach needed an advisor and figured since it was early in my Marshfield career and I was not committed to other organizations, and that we got along well, that it would be a beneficial thing for me to participate in that.”

Due to his newfound interest in clubs after starting here, Hill helped to establish another school club, the Science National Honor Society.

“We needed to recognize stellar science achievement at the high school, and many of the other science teachers were already committed to other obligations that would have prevented them, but Mrs. Seedborg and myself both volunteered to take on that role,” Hill said.

When asked how he is able to manage and organize each activity, Hill says that it is in the prep work that he does each year.

“When I am beginning a new school year, I first make sure that none of them have regular meeting time frames that conflict with each other,” Hill said. “Honestly that is the biggest part that could potentially conflict is the lunch time meetings.”

Senior Jonathan Torres, a member of CERT, Science Bowl and Knowledge Bowl, explains how Hill leads these clubs and activities.

“I think that he is a good instructor, he definitely tries to make it a more enjoying experience, and he does a really good job of doing what he is supposed to,” Torres said.

Marshfield librarian Catherine Hampton says that while she is unable to give an exact answer, her experience has proved rewarding.

“I can’t speak for them, because I don’t know if they have the same support,” Hampton said. “For me, the extra activities that I have been involved in that go outside of the school day, are some of the most rewarding things that I have done.”