Samantha Jackson

Senior Samantha Jackson hits the high note with peers.

According to Jackson, she has enjoyed choir most of all out any extracurricular activity. Jackson says it is a stress reliever and time she really appreciates.

“I am the Choir President and do New Horizons,” Jackson said. “That is probably my favorite thing to do. It’s a good way to get away from normal school activities.”

Jackson said she gained a lot of valuable skills out of choir. Jackson mentioned learning cooperation with others is one of these big skills.

“Like depending on where you sit is how your voice fits and it might not be with someone you fit well with,” Jackson said. “You have to overcome and try to figure out we are going to be sitting together so how are we going to work this out and not have constant issues.”

Jackson takes work experience option and works at Spectrum Orthotics and Prosthetics. According to Jackson, she really enjoys working there but it has taken time away from her to be able to do Concert Choir.

“It’s really cool just to see all the patients and try to help. I’m just an intern so I mostly stay in the desk area but I still get to help and learn different stuff that I never really realized like fitting people for braces,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she sees in her future being a delivery nurse. She has other options with being a delivery nurse Jackson stated. Jackson plans to attend SWOCC to receive the schooling necessary for her degree.

According to Jackson, she wants to help people and she enjoys babies and sees herself helping them start off on the right path.

Senior Casey Gillett says she notices that Jackson is always there for people and helping.

“When I moved here my third grade year, she was the only person who would be friends with me because everyone called me trash head,” Gillett said “She was there for me when no one else was there.”

Senior Amanda Entgelmeier, a friend of Jackson’s, stated that she sees Jackson as a very kind individual to all and she supports others in all situations.

“All the years I’ve known her she is very hardworking and very kind to everyone,” Entgelmeier said. “She really makes a point to include everybody and talk to everybody and make sure their thoughts and voices are getting out there.”