Portland Trail Blazers Visit Marshfield

Famous Portland Trail Blazer player, Jerome Kersey, the Blazers staff and mascot Blaze, visited Marshfield today to raise awareness of Rip City Relay. Rip City Relay will take the game ball for the Trail Blazers tipoff game against the Spurs, from the Coos Bay boardwalk to Portland.

Many people will be dribbling the ball in segments from Coos Bay to Portland, and the ball will stay in constant motion during daylight hours. Todd Bosma, a member of the Blazers staff, hopes Rip City Relay will excite fans for the upcoming basketball season.

“This is an opportunity for people to rally and support,” Bosma said.

Marshfield joined together to see the Blazers during an assembly in intervention, that included contests and confetti. Bosma says it is important for all of Oregon to support the Blazers.

“We are not just Portland’s team, we are Oregon’s team,” Bosma said.

You can follow Rip City Relay on twitter @ripcityrelay