Marshfield adds to staff

Marshfield boasts 14 new staff members this year in a variety of positions that range from teachers to secretaries and even a new student resource officer.

Principal Travis Howard said the number of staff members has remained relatively similar over the years, even with the new additions.

“We had more the year before, replacing those that have retired. We have actually seen a trend in the last five to seven years, of the kids of the baby boomers all retiring, but we’re on a pretty good pattern right now, where we have a nice mix of experienced teachers ands new teachers,” Howard said.

Despite the quantity of new staff members this year, there are no new positions within the school, but instead just positions left open by those who retired last year.

“We didn’t add any new staff members at all,” Howard said.

Although the district did not open any new positions, there are staff members who simply moved from another school in the district to accept a position at the high school.

“We had a couple of teachers come over from Sunset this year, which is always nice to have,” Howard said.

Among the teachers that transferred from other schools in the district is science teacher Shirley Tremel who up until this year, taught seventh graders at Sunset Middle School.

“One of the things I like about being at the high school is all the activities and things for students to get involved in. It was one of the things about being at Sunset, I taught seventh grade and it’s mostly elementary activities going on, so not a lot for the seventh graders to get involved in,” Tremel said. “I like teaching middle school so it’s nice being here teaching eighth graders and and high school kids. I kind of get a mix of both age levels.”

As a high school teacher, Tremel enjoys seeing the students she taught as seventh graders once again.

“It’s pretty fun to see all my former students, because I’ve been in the district for six years, and when they go to high school you never see them again, but I’ve had a lot of students come down to say hi to me,” Tremel said. “It’s fun to see them on the dance team and playing football, it’s been fun seeing my former students and how they’ve changed over the years.”

Another staff member new to the district this year is eighth and ninth grade counselor Chelsea Burns, who originally worked with the Coquille Indian Tribe in their education department.

“I actually worked for the Coquille Indian Tribe in their education department and before that, I was commercial fishing with my dad,” Burns said.

Burns helps all eighth and ninth grade students at Marshfield except those involved in the AVID program.

Although being new to the district this year, Burns is not entirely new, having graduated from Marshfield in 2008.

“I went to school here, so being on the other end of it, from being here as a student to working as a staff member, has been exciting because I feel like I’m part of a great team here in student services that works together to help our students,” Burns said.