Fun on the Coast



Community Festivals are recognized as a fun way for the community to come together as a whole. One of Coos County’s popular festivals, the Fun Festival takes place during September each year on the streets of Coos Bay. Parade floats representing groups and organizations come together to display their progress as a community. This festival is seen as a way of bringing the community together in a way of creativity and uniqueness to showcase the coast’s progress and extracurriculars. Marshfield High School annually runs their own floats at the festival; Key Club, the Associated Student Body (ASB), cheer, and dance come together to represent the school. Junior Key Club member, Tricicia Elaine Calago attended the Coos Bay Fun Festival for the first time in September 2019 to help prepare the Key Club float,

“The Fun Festival was very fun, I made new friends and helped others socialize. I really enjoyed going and would definitely go again. The outcome of the float was very nice and even though we didn’t win, the work we put into it is worth it,” Calago said.

The Key Club float did not win first place in the judging match, however Calago said she learned more about what to do at the festival and is preparing for the 2020 festival.

“I would love to go to the festival again. The first time I went was great and the second time will be fantastic. I felt clueless at first since I had never decorated a float before, but now I will know what to do once I go the second time,” Calago said.

Senior dance team captain Heather Eckley leads the group with her fellow senior captains Celeste Cardoza and Mckena Pederson at the festival.

“I think we did great this year, it was a very fun experience for all of us. At the festival you get to see all of the smiles of the little kids while you go down the street, which fills you with happiness because you know you’re doing something fun for the community,” Eckley said.

Though the festival ran shortly after school had begun, the dance team continued to practice their routines for the festival.

“Getting to dance at the Fun Festival was a privilege because we got to show the community what we do and who we are as a team. The Fun Festival is an important event in the town because it makes the community recognize what they have such as groups, clubs, and organizations on the coast that you wouldn’t normally see,” Eckley said.

The festival can be attended by those of all ages, however, Marshfield students try to attend each year while they are students to support their community and school,

“I would go again over and over. As a dancer it challenges you physically but you are mentally rewarded by the support of the citizens and the school. It’s rewarding to represent your school and community, it’s just something that I find unique about the festival,” Eckley said.

Senior Cole Cardozo, a member of the MHS Band of Pirates marched alongside other band members as they performed songs for the parade.

“I think we all performed well, but we did mess up here and there,” Cardozo said. “I don’t really know what the best part of the festival would be, but I would say marching and playing music was my favorite because I did that. Marshfield in general did good, like the dance team, cheer team, and the people on the float,” Cardozo said.

Though the festival has come to an end this year, it will start again in September 2020.