Getting prepared for the new school year

Getting prepared for the new school year

By Ashley Barbian, Lindsay Devereux, Jacob Klein and Chelsea Pettett

The Marshfield campus is buzzing with activity while students and faculty alike use their summer to prepare for the 2012-2013 school year.

Main Office secretary Lynn Scott is filling in for bookkeeper Aubrey Bartholomew, who normally works year-round, but is currently on maternity leave until early October. Former Main Office secretary Donna Harrington will be filling in for Scott beginning in mid-August to help with registration and the new school year until Bartholomew returns.

Along with those changes, many teachers and administrators will be retiring, leaving the district, or taking on a new position in the district. While job opportunities are positive for the community, it creates more work for the returning faculty. According to Scott, the MHS staff is striving to be optimistic.

“There will be a lot of changes this year,” Scott said. “I think you just do the best you can do for the students.”

Member of MHS math department have made changes to the curriculum per state requirements, eliminating Algebra I and Geometry courses and replacing them with integrated math. According to math teacher Joe Walker, the integrated system does not use books, which creates a great deal of extra work for teachers. Walker is working hard to prepare for the change.

“We’ve been meeting frequently in the math department,” Walker said. “With the new proficiency system, there is a lot of work to do.”

In addition to faculty preparing for the new school year, the campus has been filled with students. Math camp and summer school programs help students get ready academically for next year’s courses, while athletic practices have been going on daily.

Senior Jasmine Meline, who is captain of the cross country team, believes preparation for the new school year is vital. Meline trains daily in order to improve and finds the summer a helpful tool to get ahead of her opponents.

“Summer training is essential to a successful season and requires a lot of self-motivation,” Meline said. “Without it, we wouldn’t compete as well.”

Self-motivation is not only seen in student athletes. According to Scott, it is a trait used by faculty as well.

“The work needs to be done,” Scott said. “Even though the sun may be shining, I have responsibilities to take care of.”