iPhone X



A new generation of iPhone has been created, but it comes with a high price. Is the iPhone X worth $1000?

There are a few things that keep Apple fans from purchasing this new device. The main reason being the high price. According to Dale Barrett, a technician who fixes iPhones, the iPhone X has more glass to shatter now.

“They are made with glass backs now,” Barrett said. “So you drop it, not only can you break the front, but you can now break the back.”  

The likelihood of needing to replace a screen is twice as high as the previous generation. However, on the Apple website it states that the glass used on the device is the most durable so far. The testing that SquareTrade Inc, a warranty company, proved otherwise. The way they described it, the iPhone X might not be worth it.

“The most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair, iPhone, ever.”

Another thing the new iPhone claims is the feature of being water resistant for up to two feet. This being said, it might not always be true.

“They’re a little more waterproof than the 7s were, but not that much. They say they’re good for up a foot of water, don’t trust that,” Barrett said.

All this being said, there are many new features to the iPhone X. A few of the new features of the phone are excellent according to Justine Ezarik, YouTuber and owner of the iPhone X.

“Overall, the audio on this thing looks great, the video quality looks amazing [and] the photos look incredible,” Ezarik said.

Face ID is another revolutionary feature of the phone. The Apple website goes into more detail of this.