NHS members gain experience with Coos History Museum

The Coos History Museum has recruited National Honor Society (NHS) members to teach interactive history lessons to fourth graders.
Groups of four NHS members will travel to the local museum several days in March, get into historic character costumes and answer staged questions intended to teach local elementary students about the history of Coos Bay. Three members have already done so, making their presentation last Tuesday, Feb. 25.

According to senior participant Hannah Delgado, the students from Sunset School, were given press passes with questions designed for the characters, which were answered in full character.

Delgado played the first teacher in Coos Bay after the founding of the city. Fellow seniors Isabel Groth and Maxwell Freeman played a Native American and Jedidiah Smith, a fur hunter, respectively. Delgado said it was beneficial that she and Freeman are trained actors for the Marshfield Theatre Company.

“I’ve learned how to read information and do a scene right after,” Delgado said.

Delgado said the experience was one for the books.

“It was definitely rewarding to be a part of the kids’ learning experience,” Delgado said. “The engaging part of learning is definitely important.”

Groups of fourth graders from other schools in the district, as well as schools from North Bend, Reedsport and other surrounding areas will take part in the activity later in March.