Sofball thrashes Coquille to Finish Preseason

The softball team came out of their game against Coquille victorious last Thursday night.
Beneficial plays were made by Marshfield while batting, and while playing in the field. One of those plays included a home run by junior Khalani Hoyer.

Junior Quinn Earle said she was excited for the game.

“I was pumped,” Earle said.

The varsity team really wanted the win, according to Earle.

“Varsity was kind of skeptical of it [the game] and really wanted to beat Coquille,” Earle said. “They were like ‘Dude, we can totally beat them. We’ve got this. We can do it.’”

Junior Jessica Kohl said the team was sort of down at the start of the game.

“We were down a few players. Some of us were sick, some of us couldn’t play, so I feel like we were a little down in the beginning of the game,” Kohl said.

Kohl said she thinks the team did a good job.
“Everyone was hitting, we went through the batting order, and in the infield we got the ball in when we had to,” Kohl said. “I just think we did really well.”

Head coach Brooke Toy said she was proud of the team.

“As a team I think they knew they needed to come together and play a complete game,” Toy said.

The girls really stepped up, according to Toy.

“We played a great game offensively and defensively,” Toy said.

The Pirates are now 5-5 in the preseason. League games will begin Tuesday, April 14.