Student stores introduce design contest



Much like last year’s Create Your Own Drink contest, Jennifer Abney’s students have introduced the first Design Your Own T-shirt contest.
The student-staff members of the Treasure Island Coffee Café and the Pirate Apparel store, both managed by Abney, are welcoming the designs of students around campus that are original, creative and include the name of their shops. Each shop is hosting a contest, and one winner will be chosen from each.

According to Abney, seniors Katie Boesl and Sierra Yunkherr came up with the idea and decided to pursue it.

“We wanted to get staff shirts, so we decided to involve the student body and let someone design them,” Boesl said.

The designs are due on Wed., Nov. 26, and students must make a purchase from either store in order to enter. The winners will be announced by the first week in Dec., and they will be the first to receive a shirt, as well as a free drink. Shirts will be distributed to the staff of each shop and will eventually be available for purchase in the Pirate Apparel store.