Joey’s Arcade Concert

Joey’s Arcade held a concert over the weekend featuring local bands The Torus, Hallowed Hands, and crushingcrayons.
Hallowed Hands is a new band that plays a heavy metal style music. The members include MHS graduates Nathan Fox, Lawrence Lamar, Sage Leahy and David Walters.

This was their first time playing in front of a large crowd and according to Fox, it went really well.

“It was amazing. There was this huge rush,” Fox said. “There was just a ton of energy.”

The band members said they are excited for their next show, which will be within the next few months.

Crushingcrayons is a popular band among Marshfield’s students, as all but one of the members attends MHS. They play mainly alternative rock. The members include juniors Ben Cardoza, Trent Christensen and James Miranda, and 2014 MHS graduate Will Gagnon.

The Torus are a ska and funk band composed of high school and college students from Gold Beach. Their members include Nathan Hanna, Wendall Mikelson, Tyler Norton and Tony Visconi.

At this particular show, they decided to add a little twist to help celebrate the day after Halloween; the all-male band dressed as women.

“I enjoy cross-dressing,” Hanna said.

The Torus make the drive from Gold Beach to Coos Bay to play at concerts quite often, and according to Hanna, they like the bands and the crowds around the Bay Area.

The members agreed this show went really well, and they cannot wait to play in Coos Bay again.

“You know it’s going to be a good night when you have ‘Want some’ written on your butt,” Hanna said.