College Visits

College visits are a common way to introduce students to life after high school. This can be a valuable experience to those nearing graduation.

High schools are helping students out by giving them an opportunity to visit colleges. Talent Search advisor Howard Kubli helps students with lower income families in planning for college.

“The purpose is to familiarize high school students for what the campus is like because it’s so much different than high school and gives students a chance to experience college,” Kubli said.

According to Kubli, the transition from high school to college can be difficult because it is a big step into adulthood. Students have to be more independent and it can become overwhelming, especially for students from a small community or small high school.

“When on a major college campus and shoulder to shoulder with kids, they were completely overwhelmed,” Kubli said.

Being more independent can have many complications that students in college will have to handle. According to Kubli, it’s a good way to learn what happens in real life.

“There will be hangups, lumps to the system, there will be paperwork lost,” Kubli said.

College visits can help the student in many ways, but they have a choice of whether to visit by themselves or as a group. Senior Rylee Bauer said it would be easier to go with a group.

“I guess it would be easier to go with Talent Search because it costs money to drive up there with gas and time,” Bauer said.

Bauer has attended college visits planned by Talent Search and plans to go into the military after high school. She said college visits will help her experience what college feels like.

“College visits show you what college is about and what you can experience there,” Bauer said. “It makes you more aware when you go.”

There are some disadvantages to visiting a college with a group. Bauer said it’s kind of a set guideline.

“For going with a group, you don’t get to really look around all by yourself and see what you want to experience,” Bauer said.

Bauer said that with an individual, however, it could also be detrimental in how much information is given.

“Sometimes they get a lot better personal attention and sometimes they don’t,” Kubli said. “Sometimes they give them some general information and they sort of brush them off.”

As an individual, visiting college takes a lot of planning. According to Kubli, going both routes would be best.

“It depends on timing and it’s difficult to pick a time for the parents to be there,” Kubli said. “It would be optimal to go with a parent and go with a group.”