Color the Marsh



On Sunday, Oct. 8, the MHS Charity Program hosted the annual Color the Marsh 5k run. The event took place at the Millicoma track and started at 1 p.m. The event was ran by Jennifer Bunnell and the contestants of the MHS Charity Program. The contestants are Justin Banks, Garrett Lefebvre, Dontae Givens, Phillip Hernandez, Luca Tine, Tyler Post, Zach Kellar, Will Forbes, Andy Prince, Ethan Cleveland and Jacob Dean.   

“The Color the Marsh is basically a color run for anyone who can come and join. You run a 5k and we have people throwing colors on you. It is like powder and you’re wet so the colors stick to your shirt,” Givens said.

The Color the Marsh holds a greater purpose than just being a fun event for families. The purpose is not only to enjoy the event, but also helps the local community.

“It raises money for the Share Bear Snack program so we can help kids who need food and families who need food for weekends. The event helps raise money so we can help put the snack packs together,” Givens said

According to Givens, there was a lot of hard work put into the Color the Marsh by Marshfield students and faculty to make this event run smoothly. In the end, the event turned out successful.

The event encouraged a greater attendance due to the purpose of the funds and the nature of the event.

“It’s super fun and I recommend everyone coming out and having a good time,” Givens said

Sophomore Kyrin Erwin brought his family; Trenton, Julie, Morgan and Kierstan out to participate in the color run. They heard about the run through MHS Charity Program senior girl, Hannah Beaulieu. This type of run was a first time experience for the family, even though they have been involved in similar events in the past.

“We have done runs before, but not color runs,” Morgan said.

Not only was it their first experience doing this, but it was an enjoyable one as well.

“We had fun.” Kyrin’s dad, Trenton said.  

Erwin’s family wasn’t the only ones enjoying themselves at the event, many others said they had a good time as well.

“There was a lot of energy out there. Everyone was bringing the color and having a good time,” Trenton said.