Sophomore duo host Morning Kazaam radio show

DSC_0800As Marshfield students drive to school, many of them tune in to Pirate Radio for The Morning Kazaam, hosted by sophomores Daisy Caballero and Corey Shaffer.  They run the show under the supervision of radio teacher Steve Walker.
“In radio, we break days into day parts. One of those parts is the morning drive,” Walker said. “We have a morning drive show, we liked the name The Morning Kazaam so we kept that and just moved students right through it.”

Caballero and Shaffer run the show Tuesday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.

“I’ve always wanted to do the show. It was intimidating, there’s so many buttons and switches, but I found out that you don’t use most of them, and you get used to it,” Caballero said. “We had try outs for the second host and Corey wanted to do it, so we brought him into it.”

This is the first time since the show started in 1998 that The Morning Kazaam has been hosted by two sophomores. Last year the show was hosted by former Marshfield seniors Spencer Hurbis and Nathan Fox.

The show features a variety of things including music, pop culture, school functions and events in the community. On Mondays, there is a time allotted for coaches to speak about upcoming sporting events and their teams and players. Right now the program is looking into a new system that will allow their listeners to call in during the show, talk to the hosts and make requests.

“The kids are working on an iPhone call in system so kids can call in song requests, shout outs and happy birthdays. Our goal is to be the voice of Marshfield High School,” Walker said. “We want to be open to other groups and events. If they need us to talk about one of their events, we can do that for them. We also feature different things throughout the year.”

The Morning Kazaam features recent news and discussions about the artists whose music is featured on the show between talking segments.  The information about the musicians comes mainly from Internet search engines.

Caballero and Shaffer begin their preparations for the show by arriving at the school’s radio station at 6:50 a.m. to get in the mindset and rehearse. This way they have some time to get ready for the day’s show.

“I just get my voice clear and go over what we are going to play, and the news and sports we are going to cover for the day,” Shaffer said.

A multitude of students at Marshfield High School listen to The Morning Kazaam to get news and community information. According to junior Alyssa Hedgpeth, the show has a good variety of music and news.

“I think that they are very enthusiastic,” Hedgpeth said. “They are doing a good job carrying on the show.”

Caballero and Shaffer will continue to experiment with things on The Morning Kazaam while they try to find out what works well for them and their show.

“We have a different feel for it, and were working on getting comfortable with the show,” Caballero said.