Nintendo Switch



Gamers may want to consider a switch to Nintendo.A new device was unveiled in October by the popular game company called the Nintendo Switch. The concept, mixing a console and handheld device into one, is set to release March 2017. Nintendo wanted to distance this new console from the less than successful Wii U, so it did not incorporate the Wii branding with the new console.

English Teacher Alexa Clausen, a gamer and fan of Nintendo, said she thinks the Nintendo Switch will be well received.

“I would imagine it would get much better reception than say the Wii U because they’re doing a much better job of advertising the fact that it’s its own console,” Clausen said.

Senior Greg Warren-Baker, who said he also considers himself a gamer and a fan of Nintendo, said other companies may follow Nintendo’s lead depending on the amount of sales for the Switch. Warren-Baker said he thinks the Switch will launch well but is unsure if it will be able to compete against other consoles.

“At launch, depending on reviews, I think it will do very well,” Warren-Baker said. “When it comes to competing with the consoles, I don’t know if it will fare very well against the PS4, having the highest performance rating, and of course Microsoft having more of a tendency to be a better entertainment system.”

The price of the unit has not yet been confirmed, but it is speculated to be around $200- $300. Other speculations include the possibility of taking SD cards up to 128 gigabytes and what games users should expect to start out with. Some of the speculated launch games include Splatoon,The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and an unnamed 3-D Mario game.

Clausen said some people might want to get the Switch because they are fans of  the games Nintendo produces.

“There are some fans who are really dedicated to the brand who I think will really enjoy it,” Clausen said. “You can’t play Mario games on Sony or on the Xbox,”

Though Nintendo lagged behind in console sales, it is the reigning champion in the handheld wars, selling over 61 million units of their 3DS. The Switch, however, is the first of its kind and could rocket Nintendo into first place in the console wars as well.

“In the mobile department I think it will excel. Mobile gaming, I think it should be expanded upon, because it has so much potential,” Warren-Baker said. “I think PS4 and the Xbox will probably learn from this if it sells well and try to do the same thing with future products.”