Forgotten Class?

Overshadowed during five years at Marshfield, the class of 2017 is refusing to let their senior year fall short of greatness.
The “golden class” of 2016 continuously clouded over this year’s seniors. Due to their rigor in sports and academics, as well as being the first group of eighth graders at Marshfield, even now the class of 2017 feels the underlying expectations the class before them held.

Already however, steps have been made by the seniors to join together in certain activities that allow the class to get to know each other better.

Early on in the school year, seniors came together for a Senior Sunrise event where they stayed up all night before the first Monday of the school year, playing games and interacting with one another. This was an opportunity for them to spend time with people in their class, which they had not necessarily had before.

With the possibility of not being able to have homecoming hallway decorations because of the hallways being painted at the same time, the class joined together yet again to make sure it was a tradition they would not lose. After talking to principal Travis Howardand asking that the school hallways not be painted during the same week as decorations, Howard sent in a request to the painters and each class was able to continue the tradition.

Multiple seniors came in over the weekend before the homecoming game and dance to decorate the main hallway with the theme of “tropical paradise.” With this idea, they were able to envelop a key television show from their childhood: Spongebob Squarepants.

Something as simple as this brought the class closer together, allowing them to spend more time together and get to know each other.

The class of 2017 has already set a tone for their senior year, refusing to be forgotten.