Thrillogy on the Bay

DSC_0070On Friday the 13th last month, the cob webs were swept, the doors greased and the doorman dressed waiting for the next victim to come in search of a thrill. Notorious movie serial killer Jason was nowhere to be found, but actors and actresses from the On Broadway Theatre Company (OBT) were poised and ready.
Little Theatre on the Bay hosted OBT and started off the Halloween season with a three-part play, Halloween Thrillogy. This was OBT’s third year at the theatre for their annual allotted time to perform.

Joe Vos, an actor and director, said it takes the company a long time to come up with a script.

“I’ve done acting and directing the last two years,” Vos said. “We have to think about the plays a year ahead of time and we try to come up with something within September.”

The three pieces were called “Dead,” “Country Gothic” and “The Babysitter.” Senior Jadess Taitano played the main female role in both “Country Gothic” as Sarah, a bride-to-be, and as Karen, the babysitter, in “The Babysitter.”

“I was actually asked to audition because they really, really wanted me to be in it,” Taitano said.

Taitano said she preferred acting for the character of Karen more than Sarah.

“Sarah is just very elegant and very proper, but yet at the same time just a little bit scandalous, almost like Daisy from ‘The Great Gatsby,’” Taitano said. “Karen is like the bad version of Sarah, you could say. She is an awesome chick that’s a lot like me, and her friends get in arguments with her, but she still loves them.”

Taitano also said she got into the character of Karen so much that it scared her.

“At first it’s difficult, and then when you actually get into it you’re like, wait a second, this is not me. It scared me, I mean that’s the part of acting, you have to become it. Karen had to lose it, and that’s when Jadess kind of lost it,” Taitano said. “It’s really hard when you’re yanked off stage to get back into Jadess; it takes me 15 minutes at least to get out of the character of Karen.”

Many went to see the thrillogy, including senior Brianna Patnode, who said the plays frightened her.

“It was really scary. Jadess was reading the newspaper and then all of a sudden the carpet got pulled out from underneath of her,” Patnode said. “There were actors in the back walking around the windows and looking really freaky, my heart was pounding intensely.”

The plays ended Sept. 29 and Vos said he would have liked bigger audiences.

“The seats were never close to being filled,” Vos said.

Taitano agreed.

“Sundays were usually our slow days, but we give it our all no matter how many people are in the audience,” Taitano said.

The coffin has not closed on the theatre just yet, though. Little Theatre on the Bay is presenting their annual haunted house this weekend and next weekend. Suzie Thompson has been involved with the haunted house for seven years and is in charge this year for the first time.

When picking out ideas for the scariest haunted house, Thompson uses YouTube.

“I like to get on YouTube to get ideas from the big city haunted houses to see what scares people the most,” Thompson said.

Thompson also needs a number of volunteers.

“Volunteering is opened to the public, but we stay clear of anyone underneath the high school level,” Thompson said. “We like 12-25 volunteers per night to dress up and walk around as scary characters.”

The haunted house takes two to three weeks to set up and will be open from Oct. 25-31. The theatre will be open from 7 to 10 p.m. and will stay open until midnight on Halloween.