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Benefits of being thankful


The act of being thankful brings forth a multitude of benefits that extend beyond our mental and physical well-being. When we make it a habit to express gratitude regularly, studies have shown that our overall happiness and life satisfaction are greatly improved. Not only that, but expressing gratitude also has the power to strengthen our relationships with others, as it fosters a deep sense of connection and helps to solidify the bonds we share. 

It is truly remarkable how being thankful can shift our focus from what we lack to what we already possess, thereby promoting a positive mindset and increasing our resilience in the face of challenges. When we cultivate a genuine sense of gratitude, the impact it has on our lives is profound. It leads to greater happiness, improved relationships, and an overall enhanced state of well-being that is truly transformative.

Practicing gratitude in our day-to-day lives is very important. Jordan Kermoade, a new mental health specialist at Marshfield High School, firmly believes in the power of expressing gratitude directly and frequently. In fact, in his own daily routine, he makes it a point to actively seek out opportunities to convey his appreciation.

“The combination of a listening ear and a very different set of life experiences is a great way to motivate others,” said Kermoade. “But I also make sure they know I am just another human–that we are all humans, with the capacity to see the world through a different lens.”

The ability to truly listen and empathize allows connection with others on a deeper level, fostering a sense of appreciation for the blessings and opportunities that surround us. By sharing their own unique perspectives and stories, Kermoade aims to inspire others to embrace gratitude as a way of life.

A lot of gratitude, thankfulness is based upon willingness to be. Coming to them as another flawed human being shows it’s okay to not be okay. Reminding them we are all in this together; let those that make the road easier know that you appreciate them.” – Jordan Kermoade, mental health professional, CBSD

 Whether it’s a heartfelt thank you to a colleague for their support, or a simple note of gratitude to a loved one, Kermoade understands that these small acts of appreciation can have a profound impact on our overall well-being.

Cynthia Edwards, an emotional support counselor at MHS, believes that being thankful in a day to day life supports the theory that thankfulness leads to true happiness. Edwards firmly believes that cultivating a sense of gratitude can have a profound impact on both our mental and physical well-being. 

Acknowledging and appreciating the blessings and positive aspects of our lives is the key. This, in turn, can lead to reduced stress levels, improved emotional resilience, and enhanced overall mental health.  In turn, happiness can boost our immune system, lower blood pressure, and even improve our quality of sleep. Edwards’ conviction in the power of gratitude stems from the understanding that it is not only a virtue but also a key ingredient for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Having a grateful heart is an incredibly significant attitude to possess. It allows us to truly recognize and cherish the multitude of blessings that life bestows upon us, filling our hearts with an overwhelming sense of joy and contentment. By cultivating a spirit of gratitude, we are able to fully appreciate the abundance of goodness that surrounds us each and every day–whether it be the warmth of the sun on our skin, the laughter shared with loved ones, or the simple pleasures that often go unnoticed. Embracing thankfulness not only enhances our overall well-being, but also serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and wonder that exists in the world around us.

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