Little Theater on the Bay

Over the years, there have been over 60 events since Little Theatre on the Bay was founded in 1948. Housed in North Bend’s historic Liberty Theatre, LTOB has all different kinds of events, performances, and fundraisers that represent the theater and our community.  

Chris Lyon is enjoying his first year as a LTOB performer in the upcoming “Matilda” production as Mr. Wormwood. It’s evident that Lyon is a seasoned performer, given his experience with the productions “Guys and Dolls,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Shakespeare in Love,” among others. Lyon appreciates all that the theatre has to offer, and he encourages anyone with an interest to join. 

Whether you are working on the stage, behind the scenes or in the audience, theater makes people happy and everyone has a job,” said Lyon.  

The LTOB gives community members a chance to come together and share their love of theater. Lately, they have been focusing on musical pieces more, but they have focused on other play genres throughout the years. Sometimes they hold movie screenings for downtown events, or host community events such as the Miss Coos County Scholarship Pageant.

 “LTOB has honestly shaped who I am as a person,” said Marshfield High School junior Kiri Goodson, who has been involved in the theater since she was four years old. “Performing on that stage has given me so much confidence and ability to present myself to a crowd.”

Being a part of the LTOB family has made her feel welcomed and hopes others join. Involvement in theater can help foster creative thinking. It challenges some people to face their fears around public speaking or performing. It also instills hard work and attention to detail, all while meeting fascinating thespians. 

“People should get involved because it provides you with amazing opportunities to grow as an individual and make lifelong friends,” Goodson said. 

LTOB has tons of enjoyment and entertainment to share throughout the community. President of the board, Aymée Pedder moved here in 2015 and noticed a “Cinderella” poster at the LTOB and decided to audition. That’s when she found her passion for theater. Pedder has been in many musical theater numbers including “Cinderella,” “The Addams Family,” “Shrek” and countless more. Her favorite part about theater is the audience’s applause, she loves the sound of people cheering for her talent. 

“The sound of applause after I sing, dance or  act…makes my heart melt with joy knowing that they enjoyed my entertainment,” Pedder said.

Coming to be a part of the audience at an interactive musical can make your heart beat with excitement.

For several decades, LTOB has brought joy to community members, visitors, and all people involved with the theater. It gives people an outlet to express their talents and passions. Whether you are an audience member, or a performer, the LTOB is an excellent cornerstone of Oregon’s Bay Area community.